The biennial Sessions are held in Paris on even years, during a week beginning with the last Sunday of August (so, it usually comprises some days of September). Along it, all the Study Committees have their annual Meetings and Group Discussions sessions as well as other CIGRE activities. All registered delegates can attend and participate to the Group Discussion on the previously selected Preferential Subjects by the mean of prepared or spontaneous contributions.

Cigre events

On the odd numbered years, different events are organized by CIGRE, either directly or through its different Bodies: Colloquiums, Symposiums, Regional Meetings and Tutorials. On those years, SC D2 traditionally holds a Colloquium jointly with its annual Meeting. Tutorials are also given under the request of the hosting NC. The participation of SC D2 in the different scheduled events depends on the chosen subjects for discussion. You will find on this section relevant information about SC D2 activities.

Other events

Following CIGRE guidelines, SC D2 participates on events organized by other associations with which CIGRE is in relation. More information is available on this page.