D2.01 Core business information systems and services

The scope of this Advisory Working Group (AWG-D2.01) is to identify evolving information systems trends and issues of concern and to propose preferential study topics and working groups relating to information systems that are applicable to Electric Power Utilities. These information systems include both operational and business systems. Examples of areas of interest include information systems relating to Networks of the Future including Smart Grid applications, as well as changing SCADA and Market applications. Additionally there are evolving generic information system issues such as growing cyber-security requirements, escalating quantities of information, growing software lifecycle costs, virtualisation, cloud services, explosion in mobility, social media, and changes in skillsets and organisational requirements to support these systems.

WGD2.01 conducted an international survey in 2013 into the most important information systems issues for EPUs. This has resulted in the following proposals for working groups. If anyone is interested in becoming part of one of these proposed working groups please contact the convenor of WGD2.01.

Working Group “A” – Cyber security for evolving EPU business and operational practices (including mobility and remote control).

- Secure access for remote control of critical infrastructure and for remote trading on market systems

- Secure use of mobility technologies for operational and business purposes.


Working Group “B” Emerging smart grid applications, issues and case studies.


Working Group “C”: Situational aware analysis and presentation of EPU operational and trading data.


Working Group “D”: Managing EPU information systems complexity and costs including the EPU use of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and CIM (Common Information Model)


Working Group “E”: A framework for EPU operators to manage the response to a cyber-initiated threat to their critical infrastructure.