Technical Brochures

Technical Brochures are the result of the continuous work inside SC D2. They define the latest developments in a technique or on some specific topic and are synthesizing papers drawn up by Working Groups and Task Forces. They are published by the Central Office and their length is not limited (if it happens that the subject or the result of the work are not broad enough to be published as a TB, it is considered as a Working Body Report and published and listed as a such).

They can be bought by members and non-members (at different price). Members can also download them (if they are available in electronic format) from the CIGRE or SC Webs. More than 250 publications of the different SCs are listed on the Technical Library of CIGRE (of them, more than 40 from SC D2).

All the CIGRE publications are protected by copyright, and cannot be reproduced. Also a Disclaimer notice is printed on the front page indicating the non-acceptance of any responsibility or liability related to the accuracy or exhaustiveness of their contents.

SC D2 Technical Brochures (docx, 25kB)

See also e-cigre, the on-line library and bookstore of CIGRE at  e-cigre