Action Plan

The aim of the SC D2 Action Plan is to describe the activities that the Study Committee intends to face up on the next three year period. These activities (technical as well as administrative) are in line with the content of the last version of the SC D2 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan defines the organization of the SC D2 to cope with the following objectives:

  • Fulfill the needs of its Target Groups.
  • Promote and recommend innovative solutions and concepts considering every relevant factors (economical, technical, environmental, social and others).
  • Be well balanced between information systems, telecommunications, telecontrol and automation.
  • Draw the interest of its Target Groups for the work done in the SC D2.
  • Develop reciprocal exchange with other international bodies with similar scope (e.g. IEC) to strengthen links and avoid duplication of work.
  • Technical Directions:
    • Telecom network technologies and management.
      Studying and considering telecommunication technologies and architecture evolution. Assessment of technologies and architecture to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Telecommunication network management when deploying new technologies and architectures.
    • Implementation of the networks of the future.
      Monitoring of on-the-field experiences and proof of concepts of smart technologies, impact on the existing ICT systems such as telecommunication network and equipment, SCADA, enterprise business functions (SGAM domain).
    • New digital trends used by EPU and new business services.
      Monitoring on the field experiences on the deployment of digital equipment such IEDs, PMUs, IoT, as well as the processing of large quantity of information (big data) in the domains of asset health, system operation, metering…
    • Cyber Security.
      Assessment and promotion of best practices of cyber security from field equipment (protection) to corporate IT: system design, implementation, testing, operation and maintenance.
  • Administrative Direction:
    • Work organisation.
    • Enhanced Communication
    • Enhance CIGRE member's involvement by demonstrating business value.