SC D2 White book

An Ad-Hoc Group has been created to summarise the significant milestones in the work of SC D2 and its predecessors in the field of telecommunication, telecontrol and information systems in the EPI.

Intertwined with them, the history of the developments, technological improvements and strategic and economic reasons for its widespread use will appear.


Tutorials are a way to spread the basic knowledge of every Study Committee of CIGRE, taking into account not only the new educational requirements for the EPI staff but also its multi-dimensional conditions (engineering, operational, marketing, financial, etc).

Tutorials are given under request from a NC (normally the one who hosted the odd-year annual meeting of SC D2). The Tutorial is prepared, and the speakers selected. The usual length is either half or a full day, and a strong accent is given to present practical examples or solutions.

The following Tutorials have been given:

September 2017 Moscow (RU):

Security communication assessment (pdf, 2MB)

WAM's use case in India (pdf, 3MB)


October 2015 Lima (PE):

Operation & Maintenance of Telecom Networks and Associated Information Systems in the Electrical Power Utility (pdf, 1MB)

Disaster Recovery and Service Continuity across the Information system (pdf, 3MB)

Cyber Security tutorial (pdf, 1MB)

Tutorial on IEC 61850 (pdf, 4MB)

European Market Design and focus on Flow-Based Market Coupling (pdf, 3MB)


November 2013 Mysore (IN):

Application & Management of Cybersecurity Measures for Protection & Control (pdf, 2MB)


October 2011  Buenos Aires (AR):

2011 Tutorial on IEC 61850 - Buenos Aires (7z, 4MB)