Enabling software defined networking for EPU telecom applications

Consideration of Software Defined Network (SDN) is an extension to the growing adoption of virtualization within the EPU in solving new challenges such as distributed energy resources (DER) which benefit from an agile infrastructure and network.  

The IEEE P1915.1™ standard specifies security framework, models, analytics, and requirements for Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV) and addresses security models, terminology, and analytics, essential components of SDN/NFV environments to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.  As utility interest in SDN/NFV technologies is growing, it will be very important for utilities to be aware of the cybersecurity implications of using these technologies.

Overall the scope of this working group is to produce a framework of guidelines for an EPU to tailor procurement, deployment, and management of SND/NFV technologies.

Terms of reference