D2.44 Usage of public or private wireless communication infrastructures for monitoring and maintenance of grid assets and facilities

Wireless communication services delivered over either public or private infrastructures open the way for many new monitoring and maintenance applications in the power system. Large scale collection of non-time-critical data across the grid renders possible a more proactive approach to asset life-cycle management and to the monitoring and surveillance of technical sites. Field worker personal communication terminals may be used for local wireless connection to intelligent substation assets for identification, status collection, or local measurements. The field worker may connect to remote data servers for obtaining further information on the asset or on the larger system in order to undertake more appropriate actions. Still the same field worker may need technical support and more specific expertise, inside or outside the utility perimeter, and may hence connect through his terminal to central support platforms. Communication is a central issue in all these contexts: reachability with adequate throughput is the enabling factor for new operation processes in the asset maintenance and system monitoring paradigm.

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