JWG D2/C6.47 Advanced consumer-side energy-resource management systems

The amount of “active” Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including various types of electricity generation and storage is constantly growing and constitutes already a notable part of total installed capacity and consumed energy in many countries. Taken together with more traditional “passive” DER like consumer controllable loads and recent electrical vehicles-to-grid technology these resources can potentially provide many advantages both to Electric Power Utilities (EPUs) and consumers. Currently a major part of these DER do not play an active and positive role in a power system. Often they are forced to work autonomously, or with restricted power injection towards EPU networks. Main reasons for these limitation reside in the technical complexity of control of a huge amount of DER and due to the lack of residential market instruments, motivating DER owners to provide energy services.

Recent advances in Industrial Internet of Things, Blockchain and other new information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as methodology and experience gathered e.g. in Transactive Energy pilot projects, provide a potential platform to deal with the DER control challenge.

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