What is SC D2 ?

The technical activities of Cigré are covered by 16 Study Committees, organised into the A, B, C and D series. The D-type Study Committees, from the technological point of view, deal with those technologies driven by other fields, outside the EPI (Electricity Power Industry), but important for the realisation of EPI-applications.

Study Committee D2 (SC D2) covers the specification, design, engineering, performance, operation, maintenance, economic and management aspects of the Information and the Telecommunication systems in the EPI both for operational and business activities, as well as the different devices, media and networks to support all that services: speech, data, video, internet, specialised signalling for teleprotection, SCADA, EMS, DSM….

It also includes the monitoring of the emerging technologies in these sectors to evaluate their possible impact on the EPI, the analysis of the effect of multiple Regulators: eg Power, Telecommunications, Competition Authorities, etc. in both the telecommunication and information sectors, and the provision of technical support for international standardisation activities.