How SC D2 works

Following CIGRE´s procedures, SC D2 develops technical knowledge using two methods: discrete events like Colloquiums, Conferences and Meetings, where Papers are produced and discussed, and continuous work on technical issues, conducted by its Working Bodies.

In the first category, the biennial Session held in Paris every even numbered year is the most important CIGRE event: more than 300 papers presented to the different Preferential Subjects proposed by the 16 Study Committees (and so covering the full scope of CIGRE) are there discussed.

In the odd numbered years and in conjunction with the SC D2 annual meeting, a Colloquium also with selected Preferential Subjects (taken into consideration the hosting National Committee’s views) and a Call for Papers procedure is held. Tutorials are also offered.

Also in the odd numbered years, other events are supported by CIGRE: Symposia (in some cases in collaboration with other Organisations), Regional and National-level meetings. According with the subjects discussed, SC D2 will participate or not. In some cases, SC D2 is invited to participate in events organised by other Organisations, the decision to attend them based on its strategic directions.

The second category refers to the deeds of the SC D2 Working Groups (WG), which are line functions created to perform specific technical activities selected by the SC D2 and approved by the TC Chairman. Working Groups are temporary bodies which should be disbanded once those said specific activities have been completed in order to allow SC D2 to re-deploy its technical resources towards other emerging requirements. Advisory Groups (AG) are staff bodies set up by the SC Chairman to help him on specific issues and in particular to identify the expectation of the Electric Power Industry as well as the Preferential Subjects for the Paris Session and the Colloquium.

The work in those Bodies is done mainly by electronic-type communications: audio-conferences and e-mails although some face to face meetings (typically 2-3 a year) could be needed. These Bodies are open to any expert on the subject who wished to join them.