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Data analytics for Electric Power Utilities operations

Advanced Utility Data Management and Analytics for Improved Operation Situational Awareness of EPU Operations  



Thu, Jul 11, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST


Data analytics for Electric Power Utilities operationsThis Tutorial examines current practices, industry trends, and new research on the use of various data sources and analytics tools to enhance situational awareness of system operators, as well as on the data-integration and -management technologies to facilitate effective implementation of data-analytics applications in the control room and to support operation engineers. The content is broken down into the major areas that are relevant for the development and implementation of data-analytics tools, which are: data and information sources, data-analytics techniques to interpret this data, applications of data analytics in system operations, data integration and modelling to integrate data into operations, and data quality.

This webinar is presented by Alberto Del ROSSO, former convener of CIGRE Working Group D2/C2.41, "Advanced Utility Data Management and analytics for improved operation situational awareness of EPU operations", that published Technical Brochure 732 (available from www.e-cigre.org), in 2018.


The registration to this webinar is free for all, CIGRE members and non-members. Technical Brochures can be downloaded for free by CIGRE members. If you are not a CIGRE member, join us on https://www.cigre.org/GB/join/how-to-join.


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