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JWG D2/C2.48

15 November 2018

Overall power system operation and planning needs to change significantly to exploit ongoing and emerging smart grid developments. The conventional approach to the operation and planning of transmission and distribution networks, as virtually separate entities with limited interoperability, will no longer be applicable or practical in the near future especially with regard to achieving whole system flexibility as made available by distributed generation, active consumers and new market options. As economic and public pressures increase on grid operators and grid development, through the progressive evolution of smart grid functionality and reduced costs, distribution networks are transitioning towards active network management and are therefore posing serious challenges with regard to conventional transmission system operational procedures. Future transmission and distribution operational planning as well as real-time tools and modelling approaches will need to be modified, revised, updated and integrated with different ICT techniques as well as whole system data management that will consider overall system security, need of flexibility, stability, resiliency and affordability. By way of example, appropriately detailed representation of distribution networks as required in operational procedures for transmission systems needs to be specified. However, such representations will be constrained by computationally demanding processes, intensive data management, data confidentiality and cybersecurity issues at both distribution and transmission system operator levels. Therefore, enhanced Information systems and data exchange will be essential with regard to enabling future transmission and distribution system interoperability.


Tags : TSO-DSO

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