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WG D2.52

04 May 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has made great progress in recent years. A new generation of AI technologies, e.g., deep learning, generative adversarial network and reinforcement learning have led to rapid development of technologies such as autonomous driving, natural language processing and image recognition.


The widespread use of information and telecommunication technology in power systems has produced vast amounts of data that traditional data techniques cannot analyse. At the same time, newly emerged elements in power grid such as DER, electric vehicle, electricity market and new power electronic equipment have made new requirements to the safety, reliability and intelligence of the power grid. EPUs have already integrated AI technology into its daily work. In all parts of the world, AI technology has been used in practical applications such as load forecasting, drone inspection image recognition, customer service chatbot, etc., in power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization systems. With AI technology, EPUs evolved in multidimensional ways, e.g., it can reduce risks, replace repetitive work by programs, reduce operating costs, and create new business models. The study on theory and practice on AI in power domain is of great need and importance. Therefore, the creation of the "AI Application and Technology on Power Industry" Working Group is valuable.


AI is an emerging technology that is developing extremely rapidly. Its technical routes and applications in the power system need to be discussed extensively in a solid technical context. At the same time, the cooperation between AI technologies, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things technology needs to be studied.


Tags : Artificial Intelligence

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