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A CIGRE Study Committee is constituted as follows: a Chairperson, 24 Regular members, at the most, each one from a different National Committee, a Secretary and Observer members, possibly one per National Committee not already represented on the Study Committee.The Members come mainly from Utilities, but also from Manufacturers, Universities or Institutes and from Consultancy firms. Every even year (Session years) the National Committees can propose candidates for both Regular and Observer members. The appointments are taken by the Executive Committee, upon delegation by the Administrative Council, and are based on the recommendations of the SC Chairperson in collaboration with the TC Chairperson and the Secretary General. The choice of candidates is drawn up on the basis of technical qualifications and character reference. All Regular and Observer members must be CIGRE members.





How to join SC D2


It has been said how by CIGRE rules, National Committees are the only entities able to propose candidates for both Regular and Observer members for SC D2. But it is also possible to join SC D2 “at large” through membership on its different Working Bodies.


The experts who staff the different Working Bodies can be selected among members of SC D2 as well as outside the Committee; in fact they can be chosen amongst non-members of CIGRE, depending on qualification and willingness to take an active part in the work. If you are interested to contribute to SC D2 activities please contact either your CIGRE National Committee, your country member in the Study Committee or the SC Chairperson or Secretary. If, for any reason, you are not able to participate as an expert in any of our WG but you wish to share with us your experiences please contact the SC Chairperson or Secretary




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