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   Chair : Victor Tan  (AU)                 Secretary :  Joël Nouard (FR)  



    victor@vtanconsulting.com                      cigre-scd2-secretary@rte-france.com



SC D2 may be regarded as a governing board in charge of studies in its specific fields, whose management is delegated exclusively to its Chairperson. To help him in his task he is assisted by the Secretary and 3 Advisory Groups (AG):


  • AGD2.01: Core business information systems and services. This advisory group is ITS’ users oriented. It monitors the needs and the stakes of the users in their core business which is linked with ITS like Telecontrol, asset management, customer relationship etc.


  • AGD2.02: Cybersecurity. This Advisory Group fosters the adoption of specialized cybersecurity measures to protect Operational Systems


  • AGD2.03: Telecommunication networks, services and technology. This Advisory group focuses on pure telecommunication issues like transmission media, protocols, network architecture, service provision, etc.


AGs are staff functions and have not any line management responsibilities. They report to the Chairperson who sets them up, with information to the TC Chairman, and disbands them. Their time of work is undefined.


Working Groups and Task Forces are the real line functions responsible for performing the work assigned to them within the extension and time indicated in its Term of Reference (ToR). They report to the SC D2 Chairperson and are disbanded after they produce their results.


Advisory Groups


Ref Title Convener  
AGD2.01 Core business information systems and services

Marcelo Costa de Araujo (BR)


AGD2.02 Cybersecurity

Giovanna Dondossola (IT)


AGD2.03 Telecommunication networks, services and technology

Zwelandile Mbebe (ZA)